Care Guide
In order to keep your clothes looking their best, it is important to care for them properly. Always follow the washing instructions on the garment label.
Always wash your clothes according to the garment label. Details about water temperature and cycle settings should be noted to guard against shrinkage and colour fading. Avoid overloading the machine.
water temperature
A number inside the wash symbol indicates the maximum temperature the garment should be washed in.
hand wash
Many delicate items require special attention and should be hand-washed alone as colours may bleed in the first few treatments. When washing by hand, always use cold water and make sure that all the detergent is dissolved prior to adding the garment. Rinse garment thoroughly.
Always check for colourfastness prior to use and bleach in cold water only. Follow product directions for preparing the solution.
do not bleach
If the bleach symbol is marked with an "x", do not bleach.
tumble dry
Always tumble dry according to care instructions on garment label. Dots inside the circle indicate temperature settings.
no dots = any temperature    one dot = low heat
two dots = medium heat    three dots = high heat
do not tumble dry
If the tumble dry symbol is marked with an "x", do not tumble dry. Delicate fabrics like silk, linen, acetate, rayon and viscose should never be put in the dryer.
dry flat
Lay garment flat to dry. Knit garments in particular should always be laid flat to dry to prevent stretching. Wrap knits in a towel, reshape if necessary and lay flat.
drip dry
Hang garment wet from a plastic hanger and let dry.
hang dry
Ensure all excess water is gently squeezed from the garment and hang from a line or bar.
Always use the setting that corresponds with the type of fabric being ironed as some fabrics do not react well to high heat and steam. Dots inside the iron symbol indicate heat settings.
no dots = ironing is needed    one dot = low temperature
two dots = medium temperature    three dots = high temperature
do not iron
If the iron symbol is marked with an "x", do not iron or press with heat.
dry cleaning
Always take dry clean only garments to a professional cleaner.
do not dry clean
If the dry clean symbol is marked with an "x", do not dry clean.

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